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Dartford Car Recyclers

As a Dartford resident the recycle route is up to you.

  • Sell your vehicle to a Dartford Treatment centre where is is crushed and melted down.
  • Dispose of your Dartford junk car to an auto dismantler, where parts are re-used in other vehicles, extending their life.
  • The Dartford Car Treatment centre process is quicker as your motor is melted down to make other products. The Dartford junk yard process, reduces car part manufacturing, but will take longer for the motorcar to be demolished completely.

    Scrap Cars Wanted Dartford

    Several Dartford agents want your scrap cars. Complete the simple online form stating what Dartford post code the vehicle resides.

    • Vauxhall Zafira 2002 Greater London Dartford 02.09pm
    • Honda JAZZ 2004 South East Dartford 07.44pm